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Freedom Farmz

Home to Multiple Disney Movie Stars!
Located in Beautiful, Sunny Southern California!

Our dogs are continually selected for Starring roles in Disney Movies! The reason they're chosen for these Movie Roles is due to their Intelligence & Train-Ability (Movie Star Good Looks Also helps!)

If you purchase one of our puppies, we can't guarantee they'll one day become a Disney Star. We do guarantee they'll become Wonderful Companions for you and your Family! Movie Star Good Looks is also guaranteed with every puppy!

Zeus is our Main Movie Star Dog and the Father of all our puppies. He had the Starring Role of "Santa Paws" in the Movie Santa Buddies. His son also starred in the movie as Puppy Paws. View some videos of both Father & Son here: (as a disclaimer, our dogs don't have the ability to talk :-)

In the Disney Movie, "The Search for Santa Paws", one of our Pyrenees puppies again had the starring role of "Puppy Paws". Our Scottish Terrier is also in the movie playing the part of homeless dog, Haggis. Click here to see some Heart-Warming videos from this Movie: (This touching movie is my children's favorite!)

Click Here to View some memorable photos of our Great Pyrenees Dogs in the Disney Movies, Santa Buddies and The Search for Santa Paws.

Here at Freedom Farmz, our animals are given great love and care. We handle all our puppies from birth and it shows in their outgoing, friendly nature. Our goal is to produce puppies that will bring years of joy to their owners! Thank you for considering Freedom Farmz!

Our Great Pyrenees were recently selected to star in an Animal Planet TV Show! The show is due out Fall of 2013. Click here to view some Adorable photos taken during the filming!



Call us today at 818-332-9469 or fill out our online contact form.



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